Current Worship Leader
Bethany currently leads worship at Peace Christian Fellowship

Facebook Page
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Born and Raised
Bethany was born and raised in Florida. Her music is inspired by everything from classic rock to pure gospel.

"I am taking a step of faith. I have been writing songs about and for everyday people; telling their stories in a way to show how the glory of God has helped bring light to their darkness."

Bethany Brandt started because of a calling she heard when she was 19. Seven years later, God’s plan finally came into being. Original music had been written, band members had been found, and opportunities had been given. Bethany Brandt plays Christian music that has influences of rock, country, and contemporary music. A new sound was needed to reach people interested in God, but not plugged into a local church. Bethany Brandt and band have been blessed with some great gigs like the 2016 & 2017 Strawberry Festival, Delandapalooza, and several local churches around the state of Florida.

Meet the Band

Randy Yoder


Matthew Brandt

Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

Doug DePew